Benefits of Honey-Will honey make you fat?

Published: 17th May 2010
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The benefits of honey continue to amaze me.Have you been hearing people say that honey is bad for the body because it is high in sugar and calories?I am taking up the challenge to prove them wrong.Honey is very good for the body.Reasonable consumption of this sweet liquid is very essential for good health and vitality.

The benefits of honey include:

1.It contains essential vitamins and minerals:Raw honey contains
riboflavin,niacin,calcium,zinc,thiamine and amino acids.These nutrients promote body regulation and proper functioning of the immune system.

2.It is good for weight loss:Honey dissolves excess cholesterol in the body.The vitamins and minerals also increases metabolism which makes the body to burn fat faster.So it must be included in your diet plan in addiction to exercise.

3.It is used for skin care:Honey is a natural moisturizer and cleanser.Applying honey on the body removes dead skin cells and has anti-aging properties.No wonder most skin lotions contain honey.

4.It is used for treating wounds:Raw honey contains an enzyme which produces hydrogen peroxide.The hydrogen peroxide helps to fight germs and stop the growth of bacteria and microorganisms from wounds.It also has ant-inflammatory properties.

The benefits of honey also include increasing stamina and reducing fatigue.People with allergies to pollen and diabetics are strongly recommended to consult their doctor before going on a honey diet.
Also be careful when buying honey as some of them have been diluted and contain additives.

The benefits of honey are just too good to be true.However eating in excess can cause tooth decay.
Enjoy your honey!

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